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Fred Rogers: Writers Neighborhood

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Program Overview

The Fred Rogers Productions Writers' Neighborhood for emerging BIPOC writers focuses on how to build and sustain a career as a freelance writer in children's media. Program participants will learn from the current writers, story editors, head writers, and producers working on the children's series FRP currently produces for PBS KIDS, including Donkey Hodie, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and Alma's Way, as well as other top industry creatives.

We look forward to bringing in a diverse group of talent because building one's career is not just about "who you know," but also "who knows you."

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  • The Program is open only to individuals who are 21 years of age or older as of the date of entry; and who are:
    • (a) citizens of the United States or (b) a permanent resident of the United States;
    • who have not had extensive media writing experience such as having written more than four (4) episodes for a United States-based network or cable scripted/narrative series;
    • and who identify with an underrepresented racial group (Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/Indigenous, Middle Eastern/North African, or multiracial).
Submission Materials:
  • The candidate's basic information (including their name and age), up-to-date contact information (including an email address and phone numbers), and demographical information, as required by the application;
  • A copy of the candidate's resumé; NO PHOTOS PLEASE
  • A reply of 400 words or less for each of the following prompts:
    • “Review an episode from a children's show not associated with Fred Rogers Productions that is for preschool (ages 2-6) or bridge (ages 4-8). Look at it with a critical writer's eye and describe what works and what does not.”
    • “How do you hope this program will aid in growing your career as a writer in children’s media?”
  • A script sample
    • Submit a writing sample script (the Creative Submission) for one, 11-minute (11-15 pages) or one, 22-minute (maximum 30 pages) episode of an existing show* that is animation or live-action and include a logline. Please note original samples, if intended for children two to eight (2-8) years old, are also acceptable. However, spec scripts based on existing shows are strongly recommended.The Creative Submission shall not include any characters, brands, or elements owned and controlled by Fred Rogers Productions.

Application opens on Monday, May 1, 2023 at 12:00 am ET and closes on Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 11:59 pm PT.

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